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Get smart about your money and finances with our banking tools and resources.

Employed Again? Do These Things First

Employed Again? Do These Things First

As economic conditions improve, unemployment rates are showing a decline. According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor in November 2023, the unemployment rate reached 3.7 percent. When you find yourself returning to work after unemployment, it can feel like emerging from a challenging period.

There are essential details to address before fully embracing the return to work. Here are vital steps to consider as you transition back into the workplace after an extended unemployment period.

Closing Unemployment Benefits

When you receive unemployment compensation during your period of unemployment, it's crucial to inform your state authority about your return to work. Each state has specific policies and procedures for individuals rejoining the workforce, and failing to provide this information promptly may result in penalties or fines.

Reestablishing a Daily Routine

Having been away from the workplace, whether returning to a familiar office or joining a new organization, your work environment may have changed due to various considerations. Establishing a daily routine before you officially start can be beneficial:

  • Begin waking up and preparing as if you were heading to work every weekday, helping you adjust to a regular waking schedule.
  • Plan and prepare meals in advance to avoid feeling overwhelmed during the transition.
  • Reintroduce your family to a morning routine, mainly if your return to work affects them.
  • Develop a nighttime routine to prepare for the next workday, including organizing meals, charging devices, and setting out clothing.

Building these habits before your return can make the transition smoother, considering that others may not adjust as seamlessly.

Managing Stress at Work

In the current context, stress levels may be high for various reasons. As you re-enter the workforce, it's essential to anticipate and manage stress for yourself and others. Here are some tips:

  • Identify stress triggers and find healthy ways to cope, such as taking short breaks, practicing deep breathing, or taking a walk.
  • Cultivate healthier responses to stress, avoiding reliance on comfort foods or other potentially unhealthy coping mechanisms.
  • Allocate time daily to relax and recharge, creating a space for positive experiences and letting go of stressors.

Minor adjustments can significantly impact stress levels. By being mindful of your well-being and that of your colleagues, you contribute to a more positive work environment.

In conclusion, whether you approach your return to work with excitement or apprehension, addressing these considerations beforehand can facilitate a smoother transition. Focus on managing unemployment benefits, easing into a work routine, and minimizing stress for yourself and those around you, aiming for a thriving and harmonious return to work.

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